A Summer Start #61

(grades 1-8)
Soft-bound, 88 page book, 51 classroom organizing and planning strategies for the self-contained classroom.

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Summer days are the very best time for planning! Start with a file folder for each month, draw weekly columns, and presto, you've got a planning calendar, and a pocket for filing needed resources! Our workshop-in-a-book coaches you through all phases of planning and organizing. Checklists help you remember every detail. Your school year doesn't have to feel like a struggle just to stay one day ahead. Start your new year relaxed, confident, and enthusiastic. Note: check the "get materials" tab below for special offers on Master Teacher sets.

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Table of Contents for #61 A Summer Start:


• set your goals • divide your academic year into file folders • note school calendar dates • note other dates of interest • gather resources • write your long-range plans


• who I am • why I teach • my important values • my responsibilities • my special needs • my philosophy of teaching • my students' physical development • my students' emotional development • my students' special needs


• planning your space • organizing papers and supplies • gathering useful materials • planning bulletin boards


• when I am teaching • when students are working • how written work will looks • when guests come to the classroom • how students treat each other • getting in line order • responding to a class signal • fire drill procedures • when students enter the classroom • in the hall • in the lunchroom • bathroom and drinks • on the playground • rainy day recess • classroom cleanup • my own special circumstances


• parent letter • student profile


• checklists • procedures • forms

Complete Master List for #61 A Summer Start:

Beyond usual stationery supplies, no extra materials are needed for this book.

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Teaching Tips for #61 A Summer Start:

No special tips at this time. Please email us with your personal experiences and suggestions that might help or inspire other teachers.

Lesson by lesson Objectives for #61 A Summer Start:


BEFORE The First Day:
  • Define your behavior expectations.
  • Put up bulletin boards.
  • Complete parent letter and student profile.
  • Organize and label supplies.
  • Arrange desks.
  • Prepare class list.
  • Post class list outside of door.
  • Write name on blackboard.
  • Prepare opening talk.
  • Know times and procedures for: fire drill * taking attendance * recess * library * taking lunch counts * lunchroom * playground * P.E. classes * health room * office telephone * resource rooms * remedial classes * other?

  • Welcome your students.
  • Present our opening talk.
  • Learn all names.
  • Collect glue and scissors that students bring from home.
  • Practice fire drill procedure.
  • Teach your class signal.
  • Make sure that ll desks and chairs fit properly.
  • Teach your behavior expectations.
  • Select students of the week.
  • Send home parent letters with student profiles.
  • Other?

By the End of the FIRST WEEK
  • Complete lesson plans for your second week.
  • Assign each student a class number.
  • Establish line order.
  • Teach all remaining behavior expectations.
  • Discuss special talents and assign special jobs.
  • Review and file student profiles.
  • Make a student directory.
  • Record all birthdays.
  • Make your seating chart.
  • Practice fire drill procedure again.
  • Finalize and distribute your class list.
  • Develop an opening exercise.
  • Evaluate classroom lighting and ventilation.
  • Establish a procedure for turning in assignments.
  • Other?

By the End of the FIRST MONTH
  • Hand out daily class schedule to students.
  • Complete the substitute information form.
  • Plan your parent-night presentation.
  • Take time to reflect.
  • Other?

National Science Education Standards (NRC 1996) for #61 A Summer Start:

This title is not applicable to meeting national science standards.