Career Opportunities

Real satisfaction for the right folks!

Time sure flies when we’re having so much fun! Ron and Peg Marson have been creating TOPS activities for nearly 30 years, and are poignantly aware that we won’t be here forever (we’re both officially “senior citizens” now). So we are looking for an eager, creative, dedicated someone, or some-two, to carry our work forward into new generations.

We sit in a small but happy niche in education, rather quirky, playful, a little precarious, and never routine. Financial reward is not the “carrot” here. In fact, we’ll ask you to work for slave wages (as we have) until you skillfully maneuver TOPS into fame and relative fortune (as we haven’t). But personal satisfaction is off the charts: you’re not likely to find another career that offers such room for creativity. And it does feel marvelous to hear, often, that TOPS is loved by teachers and students alike.

Intrigued? Get to know more about who we are. Peruse our publications. If you’re a teacher or curriculum developer, we hope you will have experience using our labs.

Then show us your stuff. For example: Can you write creative lessons? Work up an original hands-on activity to show us. Are you artistic? Draw a few TOPS-like peoplets demonstrating how to do some task, maybe toss a salad or change a light bulb. (Your initial presentation doesn’t have to be polished; creativity and originality are easy to recognize.) If you’re a marketing whiz, propose how you might move our small non-profit forward into a changing world.

Please introduce yourself by email. We’d like to know who you are. More importantly, we really want to see what you can do. And you will want to know more about us and what we can offer. So send us something that represents your skills, talents, and spirit. If we feel a connection, we’ll begin a conversation, and tell you more about TOPS. If it doesn’t look like a good fit, we’ll thank you and send it back.

We are more interested in what you want to achieve in the future than what you have had a chance to do in the past. We hope this will come as a great relief to many idealistic young graduates without much work history.

Because important aspects of our work include managing inventory, reprinting, and shipping, it would be a HUGE plus for us to find candidates who are within a reasonable commute of our home-based industry in Canby, Oregon, a little south of Portland. Local applicants should think in terms of a flexible, part-time “second” job during a training and transition process. You’ll have a low-risk chance to check us out and learn how suitable you and TOPS are for each other before committing. If you are not local, but we find you interesting, we might still be able to work with you at a distance.

Please understand that we’re NOT looking for new projects to publish. Rather, we’re looking for talented people to mentor into TOPS and make it their own. While classroom experience, computer savvy, artistic talent, marketing and business know-how are all wildly desirable, we’ll gladly consider all idealistic and energetic candidates.

Most science sincerely yours,

Ron Marson
curriculum developer
business/advertising manager
paper-clip improviser

Peg Marson
household muse